Thank you for visiting this site. First if you are looking to have a diecast or resin replica of your vehicle created in 1/18 scale, I unfortunately am no longer taking orders as I am currently backed up 18 months. Because I do not  plan to update this monthly you are welcome to check with me in May and see if I will be available in the near future to quote your project.  

Also note that the company is shifting away from individual customer projects and focusing more on promotional models and limited edition, commissioned releases only.

Twenty years ago I starting modifying 1/18 scale models for customers all over the world. Over those years I have also created replicas for Hot Rod magazine, Car Craft magazine, Discount Tire, Northern Tool, and was 

featured on the TV show Graveyard Carz. While I still love doing this its time to shift into a less stressful more streamlined part of the business.

To read about how I got started in this business click the About Me link below.

About me


YCID Custom Commission Releases

Part of the companies shift is to have special custom runs commissioned in diecast color combinations never done for retail sale. What you see here are the first two commissioned runs. 

Please click the button below to find how you can order one of these limited edition releases before they are sold out.

Picture shown is of early samples and not final product. Picture will be updated as available.


Promotional Models

For 20 years we have been creating limited run promotional models for companies all over the US. If you need 1, 10, 100 or 1000 please call or email us direct with your needs and see if we can help you. 

We specialize in 1/24 scale and 1/18 scale promo replicas. 

Because this is a different division of the company we are always available to quote promotional runs

Find out more here

Backyard Conversions

As many know YCID, LLC purchased Backyard Conversions from Clarke Story back in 2017. This company has been set up as a separate division with its own website. If you collect limited edition convertibles and especially BYC releases please click the link below to view its own website.

Backyard conversions website

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