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Diecast Replica Services

Diecast Replica Services

Diecast Replica Services

  • We are currently not taking any new orders at this time but this will be updated when we are. Thank you for understanding.

Promotional Models

Diecast Replica Services

Diecast Replica Services

We have for 20 years created small runs of models for companies who need a special event or giveaway diecast model. Please see more at the page below.

Past Customer Projects

Diecast Replica Services

Past Customer Projects

Click here to go to the customers cars page. Your welcome to scroll through the models completed for some of our customers over the last 20 years.


Change is coming

As many know we (YCID) have stopped taking any new individual custom diecast orders. Once the 40+ still in the shop are completed this business will become stagnant. 

In moving forward however we have built a sister website to handle retail 1/18 scalemusclecar sales 

Please visit for info.

Hiring A Diecast Modder

Because I have retired from taking anymore customer projects I wanted to provide some information for those still seeking a custom made diecast replica of their car or as a present for someone else.

Please review the things I have mentioned here when hiring someone to create a replica for you as there are many factors that come into play.

FIRST : Finding a diecast modder.

You found this webiste while doing a simple online search. While that will provide some results you need to do more research. Each project is different so finding the best modder is more than contacting one person. Besides the simple search you can also search Facebook or Instagram for 1/18 scale diecast car groups. These groups are normally die hard diecast/resin model collectors and can provide you numerous people/companies names so get an estimate from.

SECOND : Seeing proof or work

This part is very important. You need to see the quality of there work, paintwork, wheel swaps, interior repaints , emblems, stripes and graphics. Maybe modders can do some of this but not all. If you want a stock repaint with proper emblems (like Dodge and Challenger R/T) ask to see stock models with all the emblems. Also, if your car is metallic, some modders just buy spray cans of the color off the shelf and with metallic paints you cannot use full size paint on a 1/18 scale model, the metallic is to big and will not look right when completed. Professional modders mix there own or have it custom mixed to scale so its correct and why they charge more.

If you need something with custom wheels or an interior repaint (compared to the stock off the shelf diecast) ask for pictures of those items to see the quality. Interiors shouldn't be glossy or flat color so make sure they look correct

Also, this is important, once you see any pictures do a quick search online or eBay to see if the model they are showing you pics of is made that way already and they are trying to pull a fast one. Yes this can happen. 

Once you see the pictures and are satisfied then discuss pricing.

THIRD :  Pricing, Deposit and Contract

Now that your happy with what you've seen, email them pictures of the real car you want replicated. Normally, front, rear, side, interior and engine are enough to get a price quote. 

If you need to supply the starter model (nobody makes these from scratch, they modify a model already made) then search on eBay for something close. This will give you an idea of cost. If the modder is supplying the starter model and you found it at say $100.00 shipped and the modder tells you its $200 walk away, its blatant profiteering. Normally the modder will mark up the purchased product by 10-20% because of there time and such to secure the model but anything more than that is a red flag. 

Repaint pricing can range from $100 to $400 depending on the product used and how much labor is needed to do it. Other pricing (tires, wheels, interior repaints, engine swap, stripes, graphics and such) is on a per project basis.

NEVER pay for the whole project upfront especially without a written contract. No matter what you have done there should be a contract signed by you and the modder. The contract should include a breakdown of what you want done, what they are being paid to do, pricing per item, then depending on the total, either a 50% deposit or if its under say $300.00 and includes the model, can be paid in full.

The contract should have an estimated completion date, this is an ESTIMATE, there is no book for diecast car modifying. Some mods can take 2 weeks, others are more involved and can take 2+ years to complete, just remember to have patience. If curious ask for in progress pictures during the build process. The contract should also provide a guarantee that if the car is not replicated per the contract and pictures supplied you are owed a refund upon return of the modded model. While not all mods can be exact it must be close enough to please you.

FORTH : Final Pictures and Shipping

When completed the modder should email you multiple pictures showing what was done to match what was contracted.  If pleased, I advise you pay any balance by credit or debit card in case the final product arrives and isn't match the quality expected.  Shipping should be whomever is agreed upon (UPS, USPS, Fed Ex) and insured for the contract price including the starter model.

In my 20+ years I have found many very good quality diecast modders, only a very few can do everything correctly, so finding someone who can is worth the extra time to put into it. Almost all complete, single car diecast replicas run in the $300-800.00 range so its not inexpensive and you want to be pleased when completed.

I do hope this helps with your search and I apologize but after 2000 modded cars and 20 years in the industry I am taking a break. I also at this time cannot recommend anyone as there are too many factors that come into play forwarding inquiries to different modders. Good luck and I hope you find the modder that fills your needs.