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Find out more about what Your Car In Diecast services are available to replicate your real car in 1/18 scale.

Over 19 years modifying 1/18 scale cars and trucks for customers all over the world. If they make a basic starter model in 1/18 scale YCID can most likely modify it to match your real vehicle.

Watch this short video with volume to find out more.

The model you see above was created by me for the TV show, Graveyard Carz. It was part of a storyline that ran in 2017 where his daughter gets him a replica of the real Charger he owned and regretfully sold and cannot find to buy back. This is the first 1970 Dodge Charger in diecast in this color combination with stock door panels and single exhaust. If you watch the show you will see it displayed on the top shelf of his desk cabinets.

Over the 19+ years I have been modifying 1/18 scale models I have also created replicas for Hot Rod magazine, Car Craft magazine, Discount Tire, Northern Tool and been featured in almost every automotive magazine.

To hear about how I got started in this business click the About Me link below.

About me

About Me, Convertibles, Promotional Models

About Me

It all started with a .35 cent Jaguar XKE Matchbox car back in the early 60's and my love of all things cars was born. 

My Story

Convertible Conversions

Single car convertibles made to customers order. Starting at $150.00 plus starter car. You will need to email what you want converted to get an exact price.

Promotional Models

Small personalized runs of models for your event or company giveaway. Please call of email for more information.

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Services and Series

Custom Painted Replicas

Find out what it takes to get a price quote to get your car in diecast.

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Backyard Conversions

New home of the convertible conversion company Backyard Conversions and its Fun In The Sun Series.

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Pro Touring Classics

Classic American Musclecars with that modern Pro Touring look.

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