About Me and diecast replicas

Lets get to how this started. Back in the late 90's I was working at a body shop and collecting diecast cars . One I collected was a 1969 Road Runner but the company only made it in yellow and blue and  my car was red so I figured if its metal why not repaint it like a real car and so I set about stripping, priming and repainting with automotive paint the diecast car to create my first replica as pictured here.

Fast forward a couple years and I owned a retail diecast store in the suburbs of Chicago with replicas of the real cars I owned on display. Customers would marvel at how cool they were and even had me create a replica of their real car in diecast. Then one day while delivering a custom model to a customer at a car show, the then editor of Hot Rod magazine, Ed Zinke, approached me to make a copy of there then new Crusher Camaro magazine project car. The car had never been done in diecast so I said sure. That model and the publicity I got in Hot Rod is what launched my first diecast modding business, Custom Diecast Replicas in 2000. 

In 2012 I sold CDR to an employee and its still in operation as I decided to play with big cars again. 

In 2015 I decided to get back in the industry this time as Your Car In Diecast. Over these 20 years I have completed over 2000 projects for customers all over the world.

In 2017 I bought the rights to Backyard Conversions from Clarke Story which allowed me to carry on his legacy of limited edition convertible conversions.

Also in 2017 I created  diecast model for the TV show Graveyard Carz, the model was featured on the show and it led to a huge amount of individual customer contract work that has backlogged me ever since.  So as of now I am NO LONGER taking any new individual orders for custom models. Once caught up I might open for new orders again but until then I will not contract any new projects.