Backyard Conversions / Fun in The Sun Series


Back in 2000 I started cutting roofs off of diecast coupes and creating convertibles for resale. Shown here is the first Limited Edition run of car I did, a 1970 Buick GS with a horribly large boot I made from scratch and had resin cast for reuse.

Mid 2000's to now

During the mid early 2000's I created over 500 convertibles for diecast dealers all over the US. These were created and sold through my old company CDR Inc that was sold in 2012.

Backyard Conversions

Back in the late 1990's Clarke Story out of Riverton, IL started cutting roofs off 1/18 scale diecast cars for resale though dealers as Backyard Conversions. Clarke closed in 2015 but by then had done over 10,000 convertible conversions.

Bringing BYC back to life

In 2015 I contacted Clarke to purchase BYC but he had a buyer at that time. Some 18 months later we talk again and his buyer fell though leaving me the opportunity to purchase BYC from him which I did in late 2017 bringing it back as a continuation of BYC.

Current BYC releases

All runs of convertibles created moving forward are created by my company YCID but as a BYC, Fun In The Sun series release and include BYC license plates, dual signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a box sticker reflecting its an a YCID/BYC product. Priced between $99.95-299.95.

Pricing and run qualtities

Current BYC/FITS releases are between 6-24 cars total. These are announced via the company newsletter but also listed on eBay. Newsletter pre orders save you 10% over the eBay price so sign up for the newsletter now on the front page.