Price Quote/ Ordering a Replica

To find out more about what it will cost to have a replica made you must read all of the following.

First, I do not make diecast models from scratch. I only work in 1/18 scale (10-12 inches long) models that are already made in both diecast and resin. If you have searched for a basic model of your car or truck and they do not make one I cannot help you. If they do, but it is not exactly like your vehicle then I can help you.

The average project currently runs $650.00 with prices ranging from $100.00 to as much as $2000.00 depending on what needs to be done. I require a 50% deposit plus the cost of the starter car to create the replica with the balance due when completed. I do use a contract for all projects which also provides you with a guarantee.

Standard 1/18 scale model repaints are $330.00 alone. I only use automotive paints and materials for all repaints. I use BASF basecoat/ clear coat paints that are mixed to 1/18 scale in house using my paint mixing system.  I also create and replace all emblems, badges and logos as required.

To get a quote you will need to email me the following information and pictures (no zip files). If I do not get this information as requested I will not be able to quote the replica. Please do not call me for a phone quote as I will immediately tell you that you will have to email me the information I request here.

Information Required For A Price Quote

Your complete name:

Daytime phone number:




The following five (5) pictures are REQUIRED!

Front, side, rear, interior and engine.

If I have any other questions I will email you with them before providing a final quote.

Email this information to me at: