We have been creating promotional model diecasts for companies since 2000. If you or your company is having an event and need 1 -1000 small scale replicas with your companies color, name or a number on them please feel free to call or email.

Please note we do not work with anything smaller than 1/24 scale in most cases. Hotwheels cars are 1/64 scale and too small for use to work with.  Both 1/32nd and 1/43 rd scales are limited in production making it hard to fill quantities. The two scales we specialize in are 1/24 scale (5-7 inches long) and 1/18 scale, (8-12 inches long).

Nascar type replicas can become expensive due to the starter model used to replicate what your looking for as these are generally not available wholesale as that market is controlled by Nascar themselves.

Per unit promotional replicas can range in price from $15.00 per unit to $200.00 per unit depending on many factors.

If you would like to email me at the link below, pictures of what you want replicated we will gladly quote you. Make sure to include multiple pictures if available, approximate number needed and when needed by. Normal turn around time for promotional models is 6 weeks or more. Please feel free to call us and we can provide an email but due to the large amount of spam emails we get I do not post our email address. 


Thank you !

Promo Models

Promotional Models


If you need 1-1000 miniature models with your company logo we can probably fill your need. Please call us at 480-360-4900 for more information.

Single Model Gifts


Looking for a special single model gift for a retiring employee or owner ? We can create most anything you might need. Call us at 480-360-4900.

Event Giveaways


Having a social media event and need a cool giveaway ? We can add your logo to just about any diecast model in any available scale. Call us for more info, 480-360-4900.